WRENCH Workflow Trace Schema (JSON)

Current Schema version: 1.0


This documentation provides an overview of the latest version of the schema. Although this documentation tries to cover all aspects of it, we strongly recommend the use of a JSON schema validator before using your own traces.

WMS Property

The workflow management system property documents the WMS used to run the workflow. It is composed of the following sub-properties:

Workflow Property

The workflow property is the core element of the trace file. It contains the workflow structure (jobs, depenencies, and files), as well as job characteristics and performance information. It is composed by the following sub-properties:

Jobs Property

This property lists all jobs of the workflow describing their characteristics and performance metrics. Each job is described as an object property and is composed of 13 properties:

Files Property

The files property lists all files used throughout the workflow execution. Each file is listed as an object property, and is composed of the following properties:

Machines Property

The machines property lists all different machines that were used for workflow job execution. It is composed of the following properties:

The cpu property is composed of a count (number of CPU cores), speed (CPU speed in MHz), and vendor (CPU vendor) properties.

Author Property

The author property should contain the contact information about the person or team who created the trace. It is composed of the following properties: